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H A R D C O R E @Outland EU PvP Guild
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Guild Info:
H A R D C O R E is a level 25 PVP guild on the Outland EU server.

We will recruit the best and most dedicated PvP players out there!

We can offer:

* A competitive, dedicated and mature environment in which to play.
* Various PvP events.
* A bunch of Arena Players to team up with.
* Access to our guild website which is full of useful information and advice.
* Access to our Mumble server.
* A cool place where to invite your friends, and enjoy the game together.

We have ranks suitable for everyone, no matter the experience.
Our goal is to have a wide and dedicated player base in which everyone can improve and find equally skilled people to play with. We have players varying from gladiator level to newcomers.

We are mainly an arena oriented guild but RBGs will take place also, though we have no regular runs scheduled at the moment. However, everyone needs to cap RBGs weekly so naturally we are trying to cap with guild groups to avoid pugs.

If you would like to join us:

Click "Apply to guild"at the top right of the home page to make an application.
We will review your application within 1 or 2 days of its posting.
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